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Hinder - Lips of an angel Hilary Duff - Fly Hilary Duff - With Love Hilary Duff - Wake up Hilary Duff - Why Not HSM - Bop to the top HSM - Stick to the status quo HSM - When there was me and yo HSM - We're all in this togeth HSM - Breaking free Highstreet Allstars - Rock Tha Highstreet Allstars - To franc Hellogoodbye - here ( in your Hairspray - you cant stop the Hairspray - I can hear the bel Hairspray - Welcome to the 60' Hairspray - New girl in town Hairspray - Run and tell that Hairspray - Ladies choice Hairspray - Nicest kids in tow Hairspray - It takes 2 Hairspray - Good morning Balti Hairspray - I can wait Hairspray - Without Love Hairspray - I know where ive b